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Westport Film Club presents French doc ‘Faces Places’

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UNLIKELY DUO Celebrated filmmaker Agnès Varda and mysterious muralist JR hit the road in ‘Face Places’.

Westport Film Club this week presents the French documentary ‘Faces Places’ on Wednesday, November 7 at 8.45pm  in the W Cinema.
Directed by celebrated filmmaker Agnès Varda and mysterious muralist JR, the unlikely duo journeyed through small towns in rural France with a van fitted with a large camera to capture the inhabitants and mount their portraits as large public murals. The documentary is poignant, delightful and meditative, reflecting on the power of art and cinema in people’s lives.
The co-directors initially sound like an unusual pair. Agnès Varda is known as ‘the grandmother of the New Wave’, and has been making humanist films since the 1950s, with a focus on social commentary and feminist issues.
Last year she was awarded an honourary Oscar in recognition of her life’s work. JR is a pseudonym for the French photographer and muralist who protects his identity with sunglasses and a hat. The relationship between the pair begins from a place of mutual artistic respect and develops into a rich friendship despite the fifty year age gap between them.
‘Faces Places’ won the Golden Eye at Cannes in 2017 and was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2018 Academy Awards, which made Varda the oldest nominee in Oscar history at 89 years old.
The documentary is 93 minutes long, in French with English subtitles, and rated PG by IFCO for mild violence and language with one brief bloody scene.
Tickets can be purchased in the W Cinema from 8.30pm on Wednesday night. The final movie of the 2018 season will be ‘Summer 1993’ on Wednesday, December 5. Non-members are always welcome and guests can pay €10 entry per film.