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Fish heads to Castlebar for Christchurch gig

Going Out

A DIFFERENT KETTLE Jerry Fish will perform his favourite songs from his 20-year career in Castlebar’s Christchurch this Friday.

Castlebar is set to welcome  fantastic singer and fantastical ringmaster Jerry Fish with open arms when he heads to the town this Friday night. The enigmatic performer will play in the town’s Christchurch alongside Camden Recording Studio-owner, pianist Cian Boylan.
In this stripped-down, theatre-style show, Jerry Fish will perform his favourite songs from a career spanning over two decades.
There’s a tendency for the word ‘unique’ to be bandied around a little too freely in music circles, but that’s the only way to describe Jerry Fish’s genre-conflating style. The charismatic entertainer, who has also been the frontman of Emotional Fish since they formed in 1988, routinely fills big venues with his travelling musical medicine shows, his swaggering vocal, generous and infectious smile – and that dramatic vaudeville moustache.
Castlebar-concert goers can expect to be treated to his inimitable blend of New Orleans funk, Noir soundtracks, punk Latino, joyous jive and a whole lot more.
The Jerry Fish live experience dissolves all boundaries between performer and viewer, magically transforming audiences into ships of Roman galley slaves rowing their way through ‘The Hole In the Boat’, or ballroom-of-romancers slow-dancing to ‘Back To Before’, or even swampy block parties gyrating to bacchanalian classics like Emotional Fish’s ‘Celebrate’.
Jerry Fish’s shape-shifting vocal qualities have been described as everything from Tom Waits in a good mood to Leonard Cohen doing Dean Martin. Smiles come aplenty and witty lyrics are definitely Mr Fish’s currency of choice – but his songs are so well crafted they deserve more than a casual, amused listen.

For tickets (€23 each) to Jerry Fish’s performance in Christchurch, Castlebar, on Friday, December 1, text 087 9909860.


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