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Aonghus brings Christie’s songbook to life

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TOUCHING TRIBUTE Aonghus McAnally (left) plays the songs of his close friend, the late Christie Hennessy in his tribute show.

After a hugely successful tour in 2016, which included two sold-out shows at The National Concert Hall in Dublin, renowned entertainer and RTÉ personality Aonghus McAnally is back on the road with his show ‘Celebrating Christie Hennessy – The Platinum Collection’  for an extended run. The show recreates the famous sound of McAnally’s close friend and is a touching tribute to one of Ireland’s greatest ever singer-songwriters.
Hennessy delighted audiences at home and abroad until his untimely death in 2007, aged just 62. In this all-new show, celebrated entertainer Aonghus McAnally brings the Hennessy songbook to life with his uncanny recreation of his friend Hennessy’s voice and guitar playing. Featuring all his best loved hits – ‘Messenger Boy’, ‘Jealous Heart’, ‘Don’t Forget Your Shovel’, ‘If You Were To Fall’, ‘All The Lies That You Told Me’ and ‘Roll Back The Clouds’ – this magical evening showcases the storytelling brilliance of Christie Hennessy with 22 of his greatest songs.
Inhabiting the role of Christie is particularly poignant for McAnally, as the two were so close – McAnally even delivered the eulogy at Hennessy’s funeral. Speaking about the show, the entertainer said, “It’s a genuine privilege to share Christie’s incredible music with audiences around the country, and an honour to be part of keeping his spirit alive.
“Music fans want one more Hennessy gig, and to be able to recreate that magic for them is one of the most special feelings I’ve ever had on stage. Having played Christie before, maybe the greatest compliment I’ve ever received as a performer was when Christie’s wife Gill came to me after the show in tears, saying it’s like having Christie back again.”

Celebrating Christie Hennessy: The Platinum Collection will be performed by Aonghus McAnally at Westport Town Hall Theatre this Thursday, November 2, at 8pm. For tickets, visit www.westporttheatre.com or call the
box office on 098 28459.


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