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A Stunning gig

Going Out

Amber Walsh

Last Friday I was at my uncles’ gig in Holy Trinity Church. I went with my two friends Amber Farrell and Ríona Geraghty. We were very excited about the gig. When Steve said ‘This is for our niece Amber Walsh” and then they played ‘Romeo’s on Fire’, I was overwhelmed. It’s one of my favourites.
They played my other favourites like ‘Stop the Lights’ and ‘Brewing Up a Storm’. Some of the songs were from The Walls band and some are from The Stunning. Both bands are really good. The Stunning started first in 1987 and then they broke up in 1994. Then Steve and Joe Wall started The Walls band. Then they brought The Stunning back and for a while they had both bands.
The Stunning had two albums. ‘Paradise in the Picturehouse’ was at Number 1 in the charts for five weeks. The second album was ‘Tightrope’. The Walls had three albums, ‘Hi-Lo’, ‘New Dawn Breaking’ and ‘Stop the Lights’, and they are all cool. I love the songs ‘Bird in a Cage’ and ‘Birthday Girl’.
The Stunning had a new single in May called ‘Brighten Up My Life’. This song is uplifting; it makes me feel good and makes my day. I think that they should play it in school at the start of every day.
I choreograph dances to their songs. I need to listen to the lyrics, the rhythm, the beats and the counts of their songs first so that I can plan my dances to match them. I feel very proud of my uncles when they are up there performing. They just need to keep up their confidence, take some deep breaths and express themselves. They have great potential.
After the gig, my friend Amber said that ‘being invited to spend a night watching The Stunning in Holy Trinity Church, an amazing venue for any concert, was an experience’. “The atmosphere that surrounded us was beautiful,” she said. “Everyone simply appreciating the music, the meaning of the lyrics and the humour that the two brothers possessed. There was nothing else but warmth and happiness inside the church on that Friday evening.”
Ríona was very impressed with the ambience that was created in the venue: “Holy Trinity Church was kitted out in an array of lights, creating a vibrant atmosphere that complimented the sounds.”

To listen to The Stunning’s music for free and found out more about them, visit thestunning.net/music-store.

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