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Six Marys and Glory Be to Jean

Going Out

COMEDY Jean Farrell stars in her popular self-penned comedy ‘The Six Marys’.

Ciara Moynihan

‘The Six Marys’, a comedy written and performed by Jean Farrell, will be staged in Wesptort Town Hall Theatre on Wednesday, September 13.
Farrell is not your average comedy writer or performer. For years as a schoolteacher she suppressed the urge to act the clown, even though inside her ‘a bubble of fun was bursting’. She longed to be a comedienne, keeping copybooks full of jokes and funny lines that occurred to her.
The yearning to make people laugh was copper-fastened when her daughter brought her to see Joan Rivers perform in Vicar Street for her 50th birthday, but it was not until she turned 60 and retired that she sat down and wrote in earnest. The ink flowed and the words flew, and in just one weekend, ‘The Six Marys’ was written.
The play has been a run-away success, and Farrell has been touring with the show, performing in theatres all over Ireland, for several years now. She’s also guested on The Ryan Turbridy radio show and Sunday AM on TV3.
Marys of all colours
As narrator, Farrell reads from diaries, spanning six decades. These follow the lives of herself and her friends Mary Black, Mary Brown, Mary Green, Mary White, Mary Grey and Mary Golden, right up to the present day.
Mary Grey is grey, dull and boring. Mary Golden is golden, cracked and wild. She was the girl we all wished we had to courage to be. The others four Marys are ordinary, like most of us.
From the 1950s diaries, Jean tells about the comics and catechism we read as we waited for the stork to come to their houses – again and again and again. She talks about the nuns, the procession, gym slips and much more.
In the diaries from the 1960s, the search for Mr Wonderful at hops brings great hope to some lonely hearts. Then come the 1970s, and after failing to meet Mr Wonderful, Mr Ordinary is settled for and married life begins.
The friends meet regularly throughout the following decades, discussing the true realities of married life, rearing babies, children, teenagers and then life when all have left home.
Eventually the six Marys realise that you make your own dreams come true. The theme is universal. This journey of self-discovery is interspersed with well-known hit songs from the various eras.

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