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John B Keane’s ‘The Field’ in Westport this Saturday

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PUB TALK Maimie Flanagan (Laura McGinty) and Bird O'Donnell (Gordon Nolan) chat at the bar in Dooega Drama Group's production of 'The Field'.

Michael Duffy

One of Irish drama’s most famous works, John B Keane’s ‘The Field’, will be staged in Westport Town Hall Theatre this Saturday night.
The Achill-based Dooega Drama Group is bringing their production of Keane’s classic study of a deadly passion for land in rural 1960s Ireland on a mini-tour of Mayo, starting in Westport.
The production attracted three full houses in Dooega over the Christmas period, and Director Pádraic Patten is confident audiences in Westport, Castlebar and Ballina will enjoy the play as much as Achill audiences did.
“We’re very lucky to have both a talented and hardworking cast who have put in a lot of effort over the last number of months in getting ready for stage,” said Pádraic.
“We are very happy with how we performed in Dooega and are relishing the chance now to play in front of audiences across Mayo,” he added.
One of Dooega Drama Group’s veterans, Michael Lavelle, plays the central character, ‘The Bull’ McCabe. The cast of 13 is comprised of a wide array of people, including  a drama student, a publican, businesspeople, teachers, a former county councillor and even a brewer. A hardworking crew have an extremely authentic 1960s set in place.
“Some of the actors are effectively playing a version of themselves, while others have to be more adroit in adapting but have managed to do so successfully,” added Patten.
“While many people are familiar with the film, Keane’s play is quite different, with some different characters and some different interpretations compared to the film. The depth that Keane brings to so many of these characters makes them very real, and we hope we are doing this genius of Irish drama justice. We’re confident we have whilst putting our own stamp on it too,” he added.
Dooega Drama Group will be stage in Westport Town Hall Theatre at 8pm on Saturday evening. Tickets can be bought from the threatre’s website,
www.westporttheatre.com, or from its box-office ticket line, 098 28459.
The group will be bringing the play to Castlebar’s Linenhall Arts Centre on Thursday, February 9, and Ballina Arts Centre on Friday, February 10. Tickets can be bought directly from both venues.

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