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Off to sleep you go


Éamon makes a fibber out of his dad, while charming all around

The Dad Diary
Edwin McGreal

In the last few weeks I’ve been accused of giving our Éamon a bad name.
I’ve had a few moans in this column about how hard he is to get to sleep and how he is very different to his big sister.
Visitors since have arrived at the house and have been taken aback when they see he is not, in fact, a devil child.
He will always smile at new faces – and his smile would melt your heart – and he is always happy when there’s people here to distract him.
Which is great, of course. Trouble is when they go, he might get more restless. So Éamon putting his best side out for guests also has the effect of undermining my complaints. He’s very clever like that.
In his defence he is improving greatly. He has now started trying to crawl. By trying I mean more of an army crawl than actually raising his knees. But it works, he can get from A to B. And it takes much more energy than a normal crawl so Éamon tires much easier. We could persevere and get him to crawl properly but if Éamon wants to fit a bit of cardio exercise into his day, more power to him!
The ability to get around does wonders for his general form. He’s now a lot easier to settle for his naps during the day and can have much more fun in the sitting room with his big sister. Something both of them love and it’s a joy to watch it. But watch them you must!
He’s also taken to putting the hand out for a high-five on request. Seeing him develop to interacting like that is a lovely sight to behold. He puts his hand high and a broad smile crosses his face.
But – and of course you knew there was one coming – the nighttime dance remains the same.
Even when he’s tired, Éamon will fight sleep with the same determination as he will army crawl to a plastic bottle. If you’ve seen babies obsessions with cheap plastic, you will know exactly what I mean. Who needs expensive toys, eh?
But once he’s asleep in the cot, he’s gone. If he stirs during the night, he’s now able to find his soother. It’s a little bit of magic, two sucks and, et voila, he’s conked.
May all our troubles continue to be little ones.

In his fortnightly column, Edwin McGreal charts the ups and downs of the biggest wake-up call of his life: parenthood.