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Knees and toes


Diary of a home bird
Ciara Galvin

THINGS I can add to my CV: chauffeur, secretary, care assistant, librarian and Netflix reviewer.
Since Pops has got the knee done (yes, I’m still talking about that) I’ve been a jack of all trades.
I mentioned previously that I have his wheels temporarily on loan, while he’s counting down the days till he’ll be fit to drive again. In exchange for the use of his vehicle I am of course at his service.
So, the bottle bank has been visited (Pops takes great pride in his recycling) and the beloved laptop has been dusted down. We’re calling his new study/man cave the ‘Oval Office’. Thankfully he isn’t sporting any dodgy tan or hair colour yet, but it is where all his major ‘policies’ are formed and important meetings take place.
He dictates letter wordings to me, because, in his defence, his fingers aren’t small enough to navigate the keyboard as quickly as mine. He’s a great negotiator all right.
Assistance is needed from time-to-time with the aul stocaí, as he’s still getting to grips with his brand-new, just-out-of-the-box knee.
He’s keeping us on our toes. I now have a deeper appreciation for parents, who drop and collect their offspring to events throughout their childhood, young-adult and not-so-young-adult life … like mine are still doing for me.
Currently we share the ‘school run’. I mean, Madre brings Pops to his evening lectures, and I collect him. This isn’t working well for my waistline, due to the proximity of Maccie D’s to the lecture location.
The roomies are probably watching more TV these days with the male roomie being laid up and the weather having been inclement, to say the least. They’ve been binging on Netflix, and are certainly ‘down with the cool kids’ having consumed ‘Power’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Narcos’ at an incredibly quick pace. I’m not even at that level.
I can predict they’ve finished a series when I hear, ‘Well, have ya heard of ‘Drug Lords’ or what’s good?’. However, these days my suggestions aren’t agreeing with their tastes.
They lost interest in the exquisite and most costly series ever filmed, ‘The Crown’. I suppose watching Queen Lizzie attend Commonwealth engagements in the ’50s isn’t riveting after watching a drug dealer continuously evade detection by FBI agents, one of which he happens to be dating.
Throughout his recovery maybe I’ll help Padre brush up on his pop stars and current affairs figures. Last week I walked into the house just as the Six One News was airing.
“Did you know Katy Perry is on the news?” Madre said, while looking at Pops. I rattled my brain wondering why the American singer would be on the national broadcaster’s main evening news. Turns out Dad has a nickname for former Washington correspondent and new co-anchor of the evening news, Caitríona Perry.
The only thing I haven’t been aiding with is physiotherapy. We’ll leave that to the qualified physio in the family Lorcán, and his understudy, 13-month-old Tadhg, who seems to be ‘work shadowing’.
My niece Aoibh has also been getting in on the action, using her magic ‘Frozen’ wand to ‘fix Granda’s knee’, one Saturday (the morning after the night before) I asked could it fix my sore head. Alas, it could not.

In her fortnightly Diary of a Home Bird column, Ciara Galvin reveals the trials and tribulations of a twenty-something year old still living with her parents.

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