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MUSINGS Who ate all the pies this Valentine’s?

Who ate all the pies this Valentine’s?

Who ate all the pies this Valentine’s?

Diary of a home bird
Ciara Galvin

I wouldn’t call myself a romantic at heart by any means. Valentine’s Day never figured highly in my calendar. Girls uploading pictures of their overpriced ‘dozen red’ on Facebook and couples stacked on top of couples eating out because it’s the ‘thing to do’, never greatly appealed to me. In saying that though, I still wouldn’t have said no to a nice bunch of flowers, ahem ahem!
This year, Cupid got a rest. I had more pressing issues. Trying not to step on my dance partner’s toes in the Ballinrobe Musical Society’s production of ‘Evita’. And making sure my costume was not tucked into my tights before landing on stage to do a dance sequence was more important than all that lovey dovey stuff…. (Note to self, try harder not to tuck dress into said tights. Let’s just say thank God the audience only consisted of the stage crew, choreographer and director. We’re putting it down as a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.)
So ‘the boyf’ was let off the hook in trying to come up with a romantic gesture this year. Mind you, outdoing the birthday card – yes, birthday card – I got last year wouldn’t have been difficult.
Ah,Valentine’s Day 2012, nothing like going to a chick flick with one of the girls in order to ‘pretend’ I wasn’t bothered by the lack of a dinner reservation or even the mention of a takeaway. Returning home and opening that card, that birthday card, with a cat looking into a fishbowl, oh I can’t even describe the rush of emotions I felt…. No, really, I can’t, the paper wouldn’t allow me to print the expletives.
This year, I was confident that my busy schedule of singing dancing and dressing myself properly would mean that thoughts of the 14th would be far from my mind and feelings of empowerment would ensue. I thought wrong.
Coming into the office last week, I noticed a shiny deep red envelope left at my computer. Although earlier I admitted to not being a huge romantic, I’m still a girl, so I automatically got excited.
An early Valentine’s card. ‘The boyf’ did well, I thought. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to spend Valentine’s with him due to the show, he thought he’d surprise me with a card at work. Understated, just the way I like it.
Opening the card, that all diminished. The card read ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, Unislim loves you xx’.
Yep, I got a Valentine’s card from a slimming organisation.
And here was me thinking the cat card was bad. All is forgiven.

In her fortnightly Diary of a Home Bird column, Ciara Galvin reveals the trials and tribulations of a twenty-something year old still living with her parents.