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Volex staff express concern over job cuts

Volex staff express concern over job cuts

Edwin McGrealEdwin McGreal

STAFF based at Volex in Castlebar have issued a statement expressing their concern at what they say is the lack of progress in talks in relation to proposed redundancies at the plant.
The announcement of plans to eliminate fourteen jobs at the plant, which currently employs 52 people, was made in late August. The 30-day consultation period is due to end on Thursday night and the redundancy notices likely to follow shortly afterwards.
However, in a 132 word statement from the Staff Forum at the plant, a forum which represents all workers at Volex in Castlebar, the need for such cutbacks are questioned, along with the lack of consultation.
The statement in full reads: “Staff at Volex Europe have expressed serious concern about management’s failure to engage in meaningful discussions about the redundancy plan at the Castlebar facility.
“Management at Volex announced proposals to eliminate 14 positions, one quarter of the workforce, on August 26. Since then, the management team have not accepted SIPTU’s invitation to discuss the redundancy plan. SIPTU have now referred the case to the Labour Relations Commission.
“Volex Group Plc had an operating profit of €12.4M for the year up to the end of April 2009, and operating profits for the three months to the end of June 2009 showed a 304% increase on the same period last year.
The 30-day consultation period is due to end on Thursday night, and the redundancy notices are expected on Friday, September 25.