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The ‘Ironman’ strikes again

Eamonn Keane
Eamon Keane from Louisburgh set yet another Guinness World Record for weightlifting in 2011. He is pictured here in full flight.

The ‘Ironman’ strikes again

Louisburgh’s Eamonn Keane sets his 13th world record

Edwin McGreal

WELL-KNOWN Louisburgh weightlifter Eamonn ‘Ironman’ Keane rounded off a remarkable year when he received news last week that he had broken a thirteenth world record.
The powerlifting legend set his latest Guinness world record in the Louisburgh GAA club gym on September 28, but onlt had it officially ratified by Guinness World Records last week.
The record was for ‘Most Weights Lifted by Dumbbell Flyes’ in an hour. Keane managed to lift an astonishing 40,600 kg in sixty minutes.
Incredibly, the only record Keane set whilst injury-free was his very first, for most weight bench-pressed in an hour. That was set in July, 2003 when Keane lifted a phenomenal 138,480 kg in the time allowed.
In layman’s terms, that’s the equivalent of lifting 1,700 80kg men (that’s 12.5 stone) in an hour. Think the entire attendance of a Mayo GAA Senior Football Final being bench-pressed in sixty minutes and you get the picture.
But how has he managed to set so many world records since whilst injured?
“I’d love to be doing them injury free but there’s a certain satisfaction to doing them when you’re injured too,” explained the National School teacher. “It’s mind over matter in a lot of ways.”
The record that Keane is proudest of is his first — the bench press, set in the World Gym in Marina del Rey in California. It’s easy to see why when you hear what World Gym founder Joe Gold, a mentor to people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Incredible Hulk actor, Lou Ferrigno, had to say after he broke that record.
“Eamonn Keane has something I’ve never seen in another human being. His one hour bench press of 305,300lbs is absolutely amazing and is a record that just might never be broken. It proves he is the greatest endurance strength athlete who has ever walked on planet Earth. He is 100 per cent natural and an Irish gentleman.”
The year 2011 was also a good one for Eamonn as during the year he received his sixth degree (sixth dan) black belt in Mugendo Full-Contact Kickboxing in Dublin.