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Oct 08th
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A different approach to healing

Michael ComminsPeople and Places A CLAREMORRIS based practitioner believes that conventional medical treatments are not the best solution for all conditions. A different approach to healing

A Claremorris-based practitioner believes that conventional medical treatments are not the best solution for all conditions

Michael Commins

Michael ComminsBACK in 1991 when Tom Griffin and Michael O’Doherty published their book, ‘Bio Energy Healing’, it created something of a sensation on the national scene. Their appearance on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne attracted one of the biggest feedbacks to health issues in the history of the show.
Now, 18 years down the track, Plexus Bio-Energy has begun to address a whole new area which is of major concern to many parents all over the country and much further afield, that of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and autism. These matters impact on thousands of children all over Ireland who are awaiting proper assessment with regard to their conditions in the hope that treatment can be provided to enable them to overcome their difficulties.
Claremorris-based Tom Griffin, a native of Irishtown, believes conventional methods fall far short of understanding the nature of these conditions, and that children are often prescribed medication such as Ritalin, which only sedates the child and in no way offers a solution for the real causes of the problem.
“Plexus Bio-Energy has begun to address this need in a very effective way with a non-drug approach. This approach, based on the Dawson Programme, coupled with over 20 years experience of working in the field of Bio-Energy, equips myself and senior therapists with the understanding of how these conditions can be treated,” says Tom.
Common symptoms include low concentration, inability to develop social skills, lack of confidence, obsessions, phobias, eating disorders, structural misalignment, co-dependence, low immunity and susceptibility to viruses, awkwardness, diverging/converging strabismus (eyes), sensitivity to light, sleeping problems, irritability, tantrums and learning difficulties.
“It was discovered that these conditions are often the result of trauma at birth or shock afterwards, which in turn creates an imbalance in the electrical/energetic system of the body, resulting in bone structure misalignment of the skull and spine. Once this occurs the distribution of information from the left and right brain becomes imbalanced, manifesting as symptoms outlined above.
“When a child is born, the two hemispheres of the brain are not fully connected and at this point the cranial bones are not fully fused. If a child has a difficult birth or has experienced any trauma in-utero, due to hereditary interference or any type of shock (eg physical, emotional, environmental, toxic) or outside influences, it can lead to both brains not integrating correctly in the seven- to nine-month period after birth.
“The cranial bones also do not fuse correctly on one side and do not articulate properly, affecting the cranio-sacral pump in a negative way. This can lead to hyperactivity later on in life. This can be associated with lack of proper neural development, behavioural problems and learning difficulties. All children experiencing any, or a number of, the symptoms described above are usually in a mild or severe state of shock, and the subconscious mind has responded by holding back energy from one side of the brain.
“Dyslexia is defined as a learning disorder marked by the impairment of the ability to recognise and comprehend written words causing great frustration and emotional stress for the child, parents and teachers. Dyslexia is an eyesight problem, and has no relationship to the basic intelligence of the individual. The correction of these symptoms is achieved by addressing the underlying physical and emotional electro-physical malfunctions, through leading-edge techniques provided within the Plexus clinic,” states Tom Griffin.
The treatment within the Plexus system is an integrated approach, comprising of Bio-Energy, Vibrational Kinesiology, The Dawson Programme and The Harraga Programme. The objective of the therapy is to correct the underlying physical, emotional and electro-physical malfunctions, restoring integrated brain activity and proper neural development.
“The full treatment consists of a series of four-day sessions, over a year, with visible results seen very soon following the first correction. Most importantly, the Plexus system urges people to take back control and responsibility for their own life and health, which in turn leads to self-empowerment, by educating parents in the recovery and healing of their child.
“Every child, whether their need is little or great, receives the full programme protocol, from minor dyslexia to severe autism, even if a diagnosis has not previously been made. While this programme was developed over the last six years for children with special needs, it can actually help with any problem, physical or emotional, eg anxiety/depression, at any age.
“Within the Plexus Bio-Energy Clinics, the primary aim of the therapist is to locate any energy disturbances using a series of unique hand movements to scan the energy field within and around the human body,” explains Tom.
While Tom works mainly from his base in Claremorris, he also holds clinics around the country, including Cavan, Mullingar, Ennis, Wexford, Cork and Newport. Talks and lectures can also be arranged, around the country. Tom also regularly teaches Kinesiology Touch For Health in Claremorris. Tom also taught Bio-Energy for many years.
* In the coming weeks, Tom will undertake a series of clinics in Belmullet, Newport and Claremorris. For more information see the websites, or, or contact Tom at 094 9371224 or 087 6785001.

Personal testimony
ONE of the very high-profile people whom Tom has treated with his bio-energy healing is American actor James Drury of ‘The Virginian’ fame. Tom first met him on a visit to Texas last year. When James was in Ireland in July this year with his wife Carol Ann, they were delighted to avail of a follow-up treatment with Plexus Bio-Energy as they benefited greatly from their first treatment by Tom one year ago in Houston.
James said the treatment was fascinating and helped them both tremendously, with the result his wife no longer requires her walking aid, and James has little or no pain in his back and is walking a lot better.

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