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Crossmolina man sets up training course for inventors

Crossmolina man sets up training course for inventors

Anton McNultyAnton McNulty

AN invention is inside everyone and just screaming to get out according to Crossmolina inventor Alex Corcoran, who has set up a highly specialised training course for would-be inventors.
Alex’s - he now lives in Galway - first invention was for a new type of electricity meter that would show electricity users their costs on a daily basis, after he got a high bill in the post. He patented the device and later set up his own factory in Ballina to manufacture his invention, and went on to patent and manufacture similar devices for gas, water, oil and heat. He also patented a device called a Plug-In Burglar Alarm which sends an alarm to your mobile phone in the event of a break-in or fire in your home or business.
Alex now hopes to help would-be inventors get their ideas off the ground and has launched a training course which will be a world-first for Mayo. He believes a recession is the best time for inventors to get their ideas out with tax free royalties in place for people whose invention is manufactured in the state. Grants are available for good inventions but will only be given to those people who know exactly what they are doing and Alex says this is the reason behind the training course.
“Over the years, I have met hundreds of people with brilliant ideas for new inventions. However, the major problem that they all faced was that they didn’t have a clue what to do with their idea because patenting and product development are very complex. People just need help and encouragement and above all, guidance to turn their bright ideas into reality! For example, a farmer might well come up with an idea for a new type of plough or farm device. A nurse might come up with an idea for a new type of wheelchair. A housewife might well come up with an idea for a new type of kitchen utensil and so on. The wonderful thing about patenting is that it’s open to all. 
“The course is open to all and no experience is required and begins with a Confidentiality Agreement to protect the client’s interest and assures the client that his or her idea will not be copied. Again, for confidentiality reasons, training is provided on a one to one basis. The topics covered are Patenting and Patent Law, Market Research and Evaluation of the potential market size for the invention. An independent and honest evaluation of the invention idea will be given and a world wide patent search to see if someone else has the idea already patented. The training course covers topics such as finance, Government Grant support, finding investors and venture capitalists, product design, prototyping and testing to ensure that the invention ‘does what it says on the can’,” he explained.
Alex has a team of highly skilled professionals to assist along the way whose skills include worldwide patenting, marketing, finance, product design, testing and certification, manufacturing and distribution, legal, sales and promotion, public relations, advertising, graphic design and business planning.
Alex gave the example of James Dyson who invented the bagless vacum cleaner of how a simple idea can become a world-wide phenomenon.
“With the aid of a piece of cardboard cut from a cornflakes box and a piece of cello tape, he shaped the cardboard into the shape of a cone. He removed the bag from a vacuum cleaner and inserted the cardboard. It sucked extremely well and the bagless vacuum cleaner was born. James Dyson now sells about €500m worth of his cleaners every year worldwide, proving that it can be done.
“If you keep your eyes and ears open you will find a problem. Then you find a solution to the problem and you may well have a new invention i.e. necessity being the mother and father of invention! A simple idea, well planned out and well executed, can make millions!” he concluded.
For further details on the new training course, telephone (091) 550040, Text (085) 1382768, or e-mail at info@irishoutback.com .