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Losing hope as the hits keep coming

De Facto
Losing hope as the hits keep coming

De Facto

Liamy MacNally

For those with regular work the property tax and proposed water tax will become another irritant or two. For those not in regular employment they are a death knell.
Living on social welfare is no picnic, regardless of what people who have never experienced it might think. Everything gets bleaker and bleaker. It is all cut and more cuts by the Government.
Yes, many of us are wondering if those we elected to power really are one and the same people as those who now wield the austerity axe with such abandon. The problem is that people with little or nothing are being bled dry while the political and banking elite escapes. That is the reality.
Is there such a blind spot with those we know in power that they just cannot see how their policies and decisions are destroying the fabric of society, as we know it? Is there anyone in Government who has walked the highways and byways of Mayo with any inkling of what they are doing to families? Has power created a cloud of unknowing?
How do we say it and how often have we to say it – PEOPLE ARE HURTING. Apart from the obvious hardship being inflicted on people whose daily lives are slowly being ground down, is there anyone in Government who can see this as a moral issue?
How can it be morally justified to burden innocent people with bankers’ debt? How can it be morally acceptable to introduce property and water taxes on a population that is already at breaking point because of cuts through austerity? How can it be morally defensible to deduct property tax through the welfare system when people are already on the precipice? Is the property tax more important than food for the family? That is the reality for many people, even the so-called middle-class.
Is morality an issue for Government? Is it that they simply cannot feel the pain that they inflict and expect other people to bear? Who else has such huge salaries and expenses and gets paid just to turn up to work? Who else can build up pension nest eggs in five years in office that would take a normal person a lifetime to accumulate? Where is the sense of fair play that was always an issue when Fine Gael and Labour were in opposition? 
It seems crazy to state it but it is true – the Government is making their Fianna Fáil/Green Party predecessors look competent. The sharpness of our pain at present is clouding our memory. Look at the polls!
Why didn’t President Higgins refuse to sign the IBRC dissolution bill? Pushing the legislation through the Oireachtas in one sitting cannot be sensible. Neither can it be responsible government. This bill will not help citizens but rather condemn this and future generations to years of debt to a crowd of gamblers. The Dáil will only get to vote on the ‘deal’ once the ECB agrees. Democracy, Irish/EU style - unbelievably shocking. 
Whatever about the legal stretch marks it will put on our constitution it benefits the ECB, not Irish people. It is another unravelling act in an ongoing drama of betrayal, started by FF/Greens/ECB. Éamon Gilmore accused Brian Cowen of economic betrayal. What of his own Government’s actions? They are one of two things – ongoing betrayal or acts of statehood. Most of us don’t have to think too hard for the answer.   
The latest quango – Irish Water – is now knocking at the door, from a Government that promised no more quangos! And yes, we will flush treated water down the loos. Why produce treated water only to have it flushed away? The state doesn’t care, because it is forcing us to pay! We will now pay, again, for more state incompetence.  Have we learned nothing? 
The EU is charging Ireland 212,000 daily because we are in breach of septic tank legislation. Environment Minister Phil Hogan has continued to make the proverbial dog’s dinner out of the scheme to rectify the situation. Of course he can blame his limp predecessors but the current blame game by this Government is growing stale.
If the Government needs outside clarification on their policies why not check the latest report from Caritas Europe. On Ireland it states: “It is notable that along with Cyprus, Ireland is the European country where, within the last year, the greatest impact of financial distress in households has been seen in the lower income quartiles rather than the upper quartiles.”
To think that when Spain and Italy were under the ‘euro threat’ last year the EU quickly proposed legislation that would enable banks to be recapitalised without adding to sovereign debt. This has not been extended to Ireland, regardless of Government claims. Parity of esteem in the EU – dream on soldier!