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Sep 23rd
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Farmers welcome scrapping of collective agreement

The controversial collective agreement criteria for commonage farmers entering the GLAS farming scheme has been scraped

Hill farmers’ unity delivers victory

Collective agreement scrapped following lengthy organised campaign by hill farmers throughout the west

Mayo motorists’ cars damaged by diluted petrol

Petrol scam leaves car owners who bought petrol in the Swinford/Foxford region facing costly repairs after engines destroyed

Mulherin accused of ‘blatant electioneering’

Mulherin accused of ‘blatant electioneering’

Fine Gael Deputy’s fuel-laundering allegations refuted by Sinn Féin and branded ‘disgraceful’

‘Portrait of a Patriot’ published by Castlebar author

‘Portrait of a Patriot’ published by Castlebar author

TK Whitaker biography by acclaimed author, Anne Chambers,  embroiled in Haughey controversy due to footnote error



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Random Story

Ice-cream sundae named after Julia Roberts
Louisburgh ice-cream parlour renames its most-popular sundae ‘Pretty Woman’ after Julia Roberts visits with her children


Election 2014

Download our 24-page Election 2014 supplement – reports, analysis, opinion, tallies, colour and more


New Mayo managers to follow some old footsteps

FOOTBALL No one who takes over the post of Mayo manager is unconvinced he can lead the county to All-Ireland success.


AUDIO Football Podcast 2014 #7 All-Ireland semi-final review/preview

This week we recorded our Mayo News GAA football podcast shortly after last Sunday’s drawn All Ireland SFC semi-final between Mayo and Kerry at Croke Park.

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